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In Loving Memory Foundation (ILMF) would appreciate hearing about your experiences related to the impact of an individual's death on your life. The information you share helps ILMF continually develop our materials so we can meet the grieving needs of children, their surviving family, and the community.

ILMF values your time and opinions. Your identity will not be shared beyond the In Loving Memory Foundation Board, but the content and quotes may appear in our written materials, website and verbal presentations. Submitting your experience is granting ILMF this permission.  Please include your contact information so we can talk with you for clarification if necessary. Thank you.

Who passed away?         

How old were you when your parent(s) died?
Mother:   Father:

(eg. I was 15 when my mother died and 4 when my father died)

How did they die?

Do you have siblings?       

How did your world change?

After your parent(s) died, did anyone say anything that hurt your feelings or you wish they did not say? If yes, what did they say and why did you not like it?

What could they have said instead, and why?

Did you feel that others were uncomfortable around you?
If so, what did they do to make you feel that way?

Did anyone say something that was hurtful and you wish they knew better?

If you could give a tip to a child whose mother or father died, what would it be?

If you could share words of wisdom with an adult who takes care of a child whose parent(s) died, what would you say?

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

Tell us about yourself, what is your occupation?
Did the death of your parent(s) impact your choice of occupation in any way?

Did you attend college? If no, please enter "no" and skip to next question.
If yes, where? What degree(s) did you earn? How did you pay for college?

Is there anything else you would like to say?

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Mother's Name:
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Thank you for your time and insight. Once this information is compiled it will be available on this website.

Thoughts from children who have been there…

It is my hope that the lessons learned from others can provide insight to help future generations of children who will have their mom and dad die. Thank you for your time and insight” – our founder

‘One reason I’ve never liked surprises is because in 1957 my first big surprise in life was very negative, my dad died. And that stayed with me.‘ [age 8]

‘I would hate it when people, at random and for their own curiosity, would ask me questions about my parent’s dying… as if it were a story or about a tv show…this is my life, not a story, why make me relive the pain and grief, for your curiosity, if and when I feel like talking about it, I will – let me enjoy the game, the dinner, the dance… the event I am at.‘ [age 3 and 12]